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Trimax Mowing Systems is a privately owned company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets tractor powered grass mowing equipment.

The original Ezeemow - 1980
The Original Ezeemow - 1980

our aim

Trimax Mowing Systems aims to be a world leader in tractor powered flail and rotary mowers for fine turf applications.

what makes us different?

Trimax people have always questioned the traditional ways of doing things and offer a fresh approach to mower conception and design. They endeavour to produce machines that are aesthetically pleasing, meet or exceed their customers' performance expectations, have lower operating costs and longer life. Positioned at the premium end of the market, Trimax products offer new levels of productivity, reliability and serviceability.


Stealth mowing a kiwifruit orchard - 1985
Early Stealth mowing a kiwifruit orchard = 1985

It all started with hairy berries!

Although it sounds unlikely, the birth of Trimax Mowing Systems had a lot to do with brown furry fruit. Modern kiwifruit production was pioneered in New Zealand in the 1970's and the Bay of Plenty region, where Trimax began, was the centre of activity. The area underwent a complete transformation in a decade. Large areas of cow pasture became kiwifruit orchards almost overnight and numerous businesses, big and small, competed to service the new industry. Among them were many small engineering enterprises that manufactured tractor-mounted mowers to cut the grass beneath the kiwifruit vines. Three of these businesses eventually combined to become Trimax Mowing Systems.

The original Trimax factory - 1981
The original Trimax factory - 1981

Meanwhile, another business in Wellington made sliding hooks for meat processing plants. Part owner Bob Sievwright had trained in engineering with General Motors in New Zealand and at the General Motors University in Flint, Michigan. Mower manufacturers needed blades for their machines and Bob's company was happy to supply anything they asked for. But Bob had a better idea and produced a new type of flail for mower/shredders. Looking for more challenges, he decided to buy one of the leading mower makers and build a better machine.

The deal was all but through when his plans went up in smoke. Fire destroyed the plant! Undeterred, Bob secured the manufacturing rights and bought another mower-making shop so he could carry on. The new mower/shredders fitted with his revolutionary Gamma™ Flail blades were an outstanding success. Trimax mowers were born.

First shipment to Australia - 1985
Our first export shipment to Australia - 1985

Jim McEwen was the owner of the third small engineering enterprise. He had developed a range of advanced low-profile, multi-spindled rotary mowers called Procut. When Bob wanted to add rotary mowers to his range of flail mower/shredders, he purchased the Procut company. In doing so, he bought more than a rotary mower range. He also secured Jim's services. Jim's unique talent for blending style into functional mechanical devices heralded a new era for Trimax.

from kiwifruit to turf

Although kiwifruit production was the launching pad for Trimax, the pace of kiwifruit growth could not continue forever. Trimax adapted its machines for parks and reserves mowing and began exporting in 1985. Since then, rapid product development has followed, resulting in the range of Trimax mowers you see today.

Trimax Today

where we are now

Since its inception Trimax has come a long way. Its journey may have started with brown furry fruit in New Zealand, but the Trimax team's passion has taken them around the globe. No longer just specialist kiwifruit orchard machines, Trimax mowers now groom highly manicured sports grounds and turf farms, safety-conscious schools, demanding golf courses, rough roadsides and beautiful city parks around the world.

Automation and robotic and technology are increasingly used in the manufacturing process to ensure consistently high quality levels. Continuous process improvement and innovation in mower design and production will keep Trimax on the 'cutting edge' of mower technology.

In addition to the manufacturing facility and head office, Trimax has branches in Australia (servicing Australia, the Pacific and South East Asia), the UK (servicing the UK, Scandinavia, and Europe) and USA (servicing the USA, Canada and South America), allowing them to provide 'Trimax' service levels to these continents. Trimax's unwavering commitment to serving and strengthening current markets, and dedication to future market expansion will ensure the company's long-term success.


The Trimax team takes pride in its before and after-sales support. Dealers are able to call on Trimax experts to assist with demonstrations if required, while owners and operators can expect the highest levels of backup and service wherever they are.

trimax is a step ahead because:

  • we listen to your needs
  • we design, develop and build all the products we sell
  • we distribute Trimax mowers directly to your machinery dealer
  • we are the innovators in the tractor-powered mower market

If you need a mower, part, service, or have a special requirement, please contact us at any time.